RevolveR CMS internal statistics development

Tonight I was integrate first version of statistics engine into RevolveR CMS and now have to collect some data needed to debug and improvements.

RevolveR Stats
RevolveR Stats

So. Now we can look at User path's on the site and see browser and operating system info. We can look at the how much time the user spent on the route.

I have to hide unusable data like robots hits later and publish new version of RevolveR CMS. Also I have to create widgets with total daily stats in preferences panel thats can show how much users goes from other sites and search engines.

Revolver CMS :: production ready release v.1.0.9

After a time when many liked by you things stay fat and ugly you need something better and simple. It was happen with me when Drupal 8 was fall at update and I have loose some notes, site availability and time to fix problems. Thousands of unknown files, libraries and hell coded architecture. Why I need to loose my time on learning when I need to do simple things like posting contents and commentaries. Really I need same harmful engine to do that?

No. Better way for me was create my own CMS better, secure, simple for usage and faster including all things I need and I can see good in other products.

Well, one month of development and you can see first production ready release of RevolveR CMS.

RevolveR CMS
RevolveR CMS

So. Lets look at some futures:

  • No dependencies and server requirements(minimal PHP modules requirements).

  • Speedy, lightweight, simple.

  • Self database engine with structures based queries.

  • Self frontend library RevolveR coded in ES 7 JavaScript.

  • Full fetch support of dynamic forms and interfaces.

  • Support of user accounts.

  • Support user points.

  • Full humanity, secure and powerful router(good links for contents).

  • Self developed very simple captcha.

  • Support of contents creating with range of categories.

  • Commenting support.

  • Uploads support.

  • SEO friendly.

  • Self contents editor.

  • Friendly installer.

  • Private messages support.

  • Email notifications support.

  • ...

All this list is not all of good features of RevolveR CMS. It under development for now and will be developed tomorrow because I'd like it.

Latest version 1.0.9 available on GitHub.

Example: this site.

Welcome to unwired mind project

Few days ago a was finish to develop my own CMS named RevolveR intended to publish some notes in web and categorize it's.

When I feel about all works fine become a time to setup it to the hosting and start using it. For now not all to be ideal but I need real using experience to do RevolveR better and scalable.

First time installation tests I have big problems with configuration of Linux servers. Because I was develop very secure CMS and ugly hostings block some needed futures like blocking solutions setcookie() inside files connected with require_once instruction. This problem detected under Ubuntu server in header PHP module.

So. In few hours I find good hosting company for my site thats can ensure all system requirements of RevolveR CMS.

So. What you can find here in future?

First can I say about it ‐ I need this site to training my English because my primary language is Russian and I want to share my experience with peoples for more than one country.

Second ‐ I need a platform for sharing some developer tips and future development releases.

Third ‐ I need it just for fun. Welcome!