RevolveR frontend micro v.1.1.2

The snow has already begun to crunch under your feet and the update of frontentd library Revolver micro did not take long to wait.

In this version fixed some initialization errors when you using subdomains to deploy and added $.cookie API thats I miss in previous versions.

Sources: Revolver github

CyberX community links

I was create RevolveR CMS groups on some social services to inform users about system news. Threre are some links:

Socialize RevolveR CMS
Socialize RevolveR CMS

In next release, maybe, I've release share buttons and like buttons for VK, Google+ and Facebook and integrate social links block to template with site settings. Alse I should release open graph and facebook metadata under template HTML 5 microdata.

RevolveR CMS v1.3.4.1 update

Updated output buffering control setting for php ini that allows you to setup RevolveR CMS on any PHPMySQLApache compatible hosting. Update code placed on github.

The issue with not working authorization are resolved for now and php headers instrcutions works fine.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.4 update delta

Tomorrow I need to go to the hospital for a week and I decided to maximally secure websites using RevolveR CMS from spammers.

In update 1.3.4 delta released captcha client side crypting algorithm thats prevent most of spamm techniques. Tested many front-end AES libraries but not one of them are compatible with server side PHP decoding. I write self functionality.

RevolveR CMS Captcha crypted
RevolveR CMS Captcha crypted

Also added sitemap.xml generation of nodes routes and forum topics.

Some changes in this RevolveR CMS update coresponds to web interface changes: now main area of base tempalate are 980px layout to do possible click on forum link when used non mobile view mode.

Be carefull to change your robots.txt with site host and sitemap location.

Code avalible on github:

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.2 release

I proveide some critical fixes for RevolveR CMS in update numbered 1.3.2.

  • SEO Titles for forum fixed
  • SEO description for forum module fixed
  • Also fixed seo link canonical for forum pages
  • Impruved date showing for conversations
  • Fixed pathways maskng for anti hacking and spamming routes.
  • Improved security
  • Not all test passed on 100% because I have no time for it.

E-commerce shop module development planed on winter of 2019. Next I will have more time to process theming development.

Good news! Whiothout external links we have to get 10 of X index by Yandex Search engine thats talking about quality of RevolveR CMS.

Also I was open some forum boards where you can talk about RevolveR CMS additions you want and issues thats you find.

RR_CMS v.1.3.2 download