RevolveR CMS update 1.1.6

Become a time when I have thinking about more objective oriented core of the system thats can do strange things like getting and putting some data in database with few code strings simply that building DB queries manually. So, it works before this update but have ugly usability and I was integrate new functionality named helpers.

RevolveR SEO Stats
RevolveR SEO Stats

Now all queries in RevolveR core based on Structs and $dbx engine thats automatically construct queries from user parameters, perform connection to database and return result in array. It's good but not to be a best.

For example new DataHelper can get any data from database without any parameters. For example $base::getData('users'); will return all users from DB shortly and for now not needed to define table name, sort order or limit(also you can define them).

Also I was develop new way to define DB structure using RevolveR Schema describes the tables, fields and data types. That gives you to add new tables and configuring queries simple.

At near future when I have more time I should update DBX engine. Now it can perform all needed operations but we have small problems with optimization of update queries. In future I will fix it and next step will be released $base::SetData() helpers.

Ok. it's not all about version 1.1.6 update. At last redesigned templates. It was exploded to small parts and optimized. Also in future will be created self designed template engine.

RevolveR CMS version 1.1.6 update.

Oh ... so many tasks and so few people.

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.4 :: sms notifications added

So. Next few updates we have to look at real integration of two factor authorization functionality in RevolveR CMS. For now Twilio gives me 15$ for testing service.

Not on the fact that many services providing SMS notifications require a lot of money(for example in Russia providers takes around 5 rub for SMS) I have contrived to find good SMS service for message notifications, new comments notifications and two factor authorization in future named Twilio.

With few hours of coding Twilio's backend and addition site settings was integrated into RevolveR CMS. For now it's first beta release of SMS notifications for some user actions like recovery password. I did not use Twilio SDK and write my own interpretation of send SMS API on native php curl(it's look like 5Kb my native backend vs 5.4Mb of composer's shit libraries).

RevolveR CMS v.1.4.4

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.3 :: some improvements and plan

Today I was update RevolveR CMS to version 1.1.3 thats include small bug fixes and some code improvements. Now added support of similar links for contents looks like next and previous navigation bar.

For now I have achieved everything that I planned to implement initially for starting stable RevolveR CMS versions but it's not all of I need to do.

Now we have to look at very simple implementation of system architecture that intended to fast integration of new features. Now it very helpful to create new futures without any system redesign but in future it should be more strict and flexible.

Also, I will develop an API thats should have new Classes for data pre-election like Node::get($id) or UserAdd($name, $role, $email, $password).

Now we have not any template engine and I do not plan to add it in the future to prior flexible native API renders like NodesRender($param) or CommentGet($nodeId) because it gives more powerful development culture and has fewer restrictions.

So, a lot of tasks should be done and I have no any contributors... Hope some of cool and initiative coders have to join the project and we'll do everything in the best possible way faster.

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.3

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.1 :: internal SEO statistics su

So. After I was collect some data by search engines and referral sites I was update RevolveR CMS internal statistics engine. Now it helpful for SEO and site activity analytics.

RevolveR SEO Stats
RevolveR SEO Stats
  • View registered users hits;
  • View anon users stats;
  • View refers from search engine and friendly sites;
  • View live activity in percentage;
  • View users routes on the site and look at time where user stay.
Statistics view RevolveR CMS
RevolveR SEO Stats

Repository updated(not needed to do anything with previous versions: take fresh files and replace with it): RevolveR_CMS.

ASUS K541UV: budget hackintosh for development

First you want to ask is a question about why hackintosh instead of MacBook? The answer is simple: because it cheaper and not much worse than original MacBook. For example this lightweight and cheaper notebook can be used in extrime conditions like work in radiation areas and after can be ejected without regret. Every year you can buy new cheaper hackintosh with newest hardware instead of use of obsolete in time expensive Mac. It's a primary reason to make hackintosh!

For example we have to look at ASUS K541UV in angle of Mac Book Air analog having more big display for only $580.

The hardware of ASUS K541UV is light but is sufficient performance to run and use Mac OS High Sierra. It is equipped with Core i3 Kaby Lake CPU, 4Gb DDR4 RAM, 500Gb HDD and Geforce MX920 with 2Gb onboard graphics memory that we have to disable.

ASUS K541UV hackintosh
ASUS K541UV hackintosh

I was create Clover configuration EFI folder and Mac OS installer thats you can use to install Mac OS High Sierra. For advance shared HD620 memory improved to 2048Mb with patch.

On this system works fine all hardware instead of WIFI adapter that you can replace to compatible.

Complite installer: Mac OS High Sierra installer for ASUS K541UV.