RevolveR CMS v.1.3.6 :: Extensions Introduction

Released extensions functionality for RevolveR CMS via version 1.3.6 update.

Extensions in RevolveR CMS
Extensions in RevolveR CMS

This is most native solution that represents you to create your own modules(extensions) for RevolveR CMS with your own logic. Now it simple. I prepare only one extension for now and I need some time to write API documentation. See example how to extend system routes and associate it with your logic: archive extension.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.6 update.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.5 update

RevolveR CMS version 1.3.5 update improves memory usage and system scalability.

For now more then 16 routes are exploded in different files thats eases development and improves memory and CPU usage. Also fixed some bugs when page not redirected to target after some forms submit.

Update process is simple: just replace all files exclude private and public directories on the host. Clean browser cache because frontend engine RevolveR also updated.

Sources: v.1.3.5 on GitHub

$('.class') and $$.('selector') now availible

Not related to the jQuery $ we now can use more short replacement for document.querySelector('.class'):

// old

// new

And now availible replacement for document.querySelectorAll('.class'):

// old

// new

Thats great news!