RevolveR CMS v.1.3.6 :: Extensions Introduction

Released extensions functionality for RevolveR CMS via version 1.3.6 update.

Extensions in RevolveR CMS
Extensions in RevolveR CMS

This is most native solution that represents you to create your own modules(extensions) for RevolveR CMS with your own logic. Now it simple. I prepare only one extension for now and I need some time to write API documentation. See example how to extend system routes and associate it with your logic: archive extension.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.6 update.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.5 update

RevolveR CMS version 1.3.5 update improves memory usage and system scalability.

For now more then 16 routes are exploded in different files thats eases development and improves memory and CPU usage. Also fixed some bugs when page not redirected to target after some forms submit.

Update process is simple: just replace all files exclude private and public directories on the host. Clean browser cache because frontend engine RevolveR also updated.

Sources: v.1.3.5 on GitHub

$('.class') and $$.('selector') now availible

Not related to the jQuery $ we now can use more short replacement for document.querySelector('.class'):

// old

// new

And now availible replacement for document.querySelectorAll('.class'):

// old

// new

Thats great news!

RevolveR frontend micro v.1.1.2

The snow has already begun to crunch under your feet and the update of frontentd library Revolver micro did not take long to wait.

In this version fixed some initialization errors when you using subdomains to deploy and added $.cookie API thats I miss in previous versions.

Sources: Revolver github

CyberX community links

I was create RevolveR CMS groups on some social services to inform users about system news. Threre are some links:

Socialize RevolveR CMS
Socialize RevolveR CMS

In next release, maybe, I've release share buttons and like buttons for VK, Google+ and Facebook and integrate social links block to template with site settings. Alse I should release open graph and facebook metadata under template HTML 5 microdata.

RevolveR CMS v1.3.4.1 update

Updated output buffering control setting for php ini that allows you to setup RevolveR CMS on any PHPMySQLApache compatible hosting. Update code placed on github.

The issue with not working authorization are resolved for now and php headers instrcutions works fine.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.4 update delta

Tomorrow I need to go to the hospital for a week and I decided to maximally secure websites using RevolveR CMS from spammers.

In update 1.3.4 delta released captcha client side crypting algorithm thats prevent most of spamm techniques. Tested many front-end AES libraries but not one of them are compatible with server side PHP decoding. I write self functionality.

RevolveR CMS Captcha crypted
RevolveR CMS Captcha crypted

Also added sitemap.xml generation of nodes routes and forum topics.

Some changes in this RevolveR CMS update coresponds to web interface changes: now main area of base tempalate are 980px layout to do possible click on forum link when used non mobile view mode.

Be carefull to change your robots.txt with site host and sitemap location.

Code avalible on github:

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.2 release

I proveide some critical fixes for RevolveR CMS in update numbered 1.3.2.

  • SEO Titles for forum fixed
  • SEO description for forum module fixed
  • Also fixed seo link canonical for forum pages
  • Impruved date showing for conversations
  • Fixed pathways maskng for anti hacking and spamming routes.
  • Improved security
  • Not all test passed on 100% because I have no time for it.

E-commerce shop module development planed on winter of 2019. Next I will have more time to process theming development.

Good news! Whiothout external links we have to get 10 of X index by Yandex Search engine thats talking about quality of RevolveR CMS.

Also I was open some forum boards where you can talk about RevolveR CMS additions you want and issues thats you find.

RR_CMS v.1.3.2 download

Devel pause for a winter

Shit happens with me and I have to take a development pause. My flat is plundered and my documents such as passport and other docs are lost. I have no telephone for now and need to decide some actual sings and put some things in order.

I hate Russia. I hate this rotten system with stupid police and thieves in their ranks.

After 30 days I can get new passport and I need some more time to recovery my other documents and personality.

So. I'm fed up with this shit and intend to get out of the country. Putin is a thief and a fag. I no longer want any links with this thievish government. I'm disappointed in how these people put us out, those who are working beyond their system idiots and psychos, how they used our connections and heaped themselves on retirement.

Maybe I have a chance to tell about this shit somewhere outside of Russia and people will learn how these creatures live and work to maintain their reputation.

RevolveR CMS v1.3.1 update and hacking test

Three weeks ago I create topic on hackers community with sentence to hack RevolveR CMS. Every day I was check logs and look at statistics page where possible to see requests and user activity.

Good news! Hats loose. No one XSS and SQL injection have a luck with RevolveR CMS. Every day I see how spammers try to push post data in forms but all of it have no luck to. System stay unhackable because for example no one shell code will never executed and can't be uploaded because this system have hard policy with executable files. Only one file(index.php) and some service additions can be executed with RevolveR CMS. This clever routing mechanism not substituted no one time.

So. Version 1.3.1 update contains forum detalization improvements. Now we have total stats render and can see latest message in boards conversations.

For next release I should add breadcrumbs and topic movements over boards.

How to rename database after Maria DB dump success

There are some ugly solutions for database management like Maria DB thats won't recover your mysql dump correct. For example it will ignore path where you want to write dump and change database randomly.

Fortunately, we have a terminal command to rebase tables:

mysql -uroot -proot misatkeDB -sNe 'show tables' | while read table; 
do mysql -uroot -proot -sNe "RENAME TABLE misatakeDB.$table TO target.$table"; 

You have to change user and password and wait for some minutes to accomplish.

How to check MySQL database size

Some times, when we use not standard solutions for database management like Maria DB, we have not any solutions with GUI to see some information such as Data Bases size allocated on drive and we you need to know some special and useful commands.

For example with next code we can see how many size of Data Base are busy on drive.

SELECT table_schema "*", 
ROUND(SUM(data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024, 1) "DB Size in MB" 
FROM information_schema.tables 
GROUP BY table_schema;

Code bellow after execution show detail information about Data Bases size.

RevolveR CMS v.1.3.0 :: Forum beta module released

So. A lot of work was done about last three days and I need to introduce RevolveR CMS version 1.3.0 update with Forum module.

RevolveR forum
RevolveR forum module

Not all things are quite for now and I should make some work under design, interface and functions but there are one more working module in RevolveR CMS thats was in plans at start of programming this system.

Revolver CMS Forum module preview
Revolver CMS Forum module preview

Ok! RevolveR forum for now allow you to create boards and conversations inside. All topics and comments are editable.

Some things I am not to release for now but make it later is an interface detalization(last post view in conversation) and interface improvements intended to convenience usage such as reply and quote buttons. All of it will be released in few days(I think).

Also I have to code some conversation moving functional around boards.

Thats all good news. Package available from GitHub:

In few weeks also I have to write documentation and post it here. Please come back later.

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.7 update :: total bug fixes

19th Jully. Finaly developers of Chromium browser provide me some considerations about a bug in browser. Error was occured with bounce effect thats cause infinite loop in Chromium. Now it fixed and front-end components used by RevolveR CMS not affected this bug.

So. I have also small digest about RevolveR CMS compability. This system is not designed for old browsers and old linux servers. It's a try of innovation and minimalistics revolution with happy end because I have many time and big dreams. For now from April(3.5 Month) I was release all system functionality without any problems. Threre are not a lot of time should be spent to design forum and ecommerce modules. Most problem is a theme developers thats I did not look at horizont.

Actually I think to devel some color switches for base theme and one single page skin for RevolveR CMS. Thats all. Another thing are payment requred because I'd like beer and girls to.

Version 1.2.7 also includes improved search with snippets like a Google search but more simple in logic plan.

Introduction of DBX engine: mysqli query executor

Today I have a time to upgrade DBX engine thats is a part of RevolveR CMS to version 1.1.1. All changes I was integrate to CMS core are ported to different and independednt version of Data Base X.

By default for now DBX allows you not only execute DB queries from structure based arrays, for now it is allows you use files based on hash tables cache. Added new and more simple queries like Inject with witch you can use one instruction for intellectual INSERT or auto UPDATE.

For examples please see revolver core or distro index.php page contains examples and unit test info. All of it very simple to learn.

DBX v.1.1.1 availible from github here:

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.6 :: added query box

In this update RevolveR CMS v1.2.6 added query box and search route. For now visiotors and users of sites thats used RevolveR CMS can did search in nodes contents. Added new core DBX queries types(RR CMS goes to be a framework slowly).

In next releases query box should be upgraded to allow you search not only in nodes. Will be added parametrized search of comments, nodes and forum topics with options of finding in headlines and contents. Also I've develop an extra highligting of keywords in text.

v.1.2.6 avalible on github:

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5 release

As I promised, a little earlier than planned, I was release RevolveR CMS version 1.2.5 with Turbo Cache based on static files and new way optimized queries by DBX engine.

It's a big changes because now cached by default and under cache updated state by default CMS eats only 2 queries when visitors just watch contents(one query for check cache hash and one for writing statistics). Only two queries and we have 100% working site ability.

Next changes thats released is an INJECT queries for DBX engine. Before RevolveR CMS needs to execute for every field update new UPDATE query, for now all fields UPDATE goes once by query.

Now I can say about it's a time when I should to release forum functionality. Many ideas are collected and it's time to create new system module.

Download RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5.

MySQL UPDATE query without WHERE statement simple

There are some interesting things in world of SQL thats you can like to use. For example we can look at the statement thats works like INSERT MySQL query when you define auto increment field value of zero and work like an UPDATE MySQL query when it's defined as existing auto increment id.

Merge insert and update queries
Merge insert and update queries
INSERT INTO `revolver__comments` (`field_id`, `field_content`) 
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `field_id`='0', `field_content`='TEST LAST INSERT';

Look at this statement. If field_id=0 it works like INSERT query but we can use it for UPDATE query also in one instruction:

INSERT INTO `revolver__comments` (`field_id`, `field_content`) 
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `field_id`='5', `field_content`='TEST UPDATE';

With code bellow MySQL do something like update but it's not need to write WHERE instruction and into field_id having index 5 row fields will putted new data.

Where to use it? For example it can be used when you programming own DataBase engine. For example, my DataBase based on structures instead of queries and I can write something like that:

	'field_id' => [
		'type'   => 'num', // int
		'auto'   => true,  // auto increment
		'length' => 255,
		'value'  => 0
	'field_node_id' => [
		'type'   => 'num',
		'length' => 50,
		'fill'	 => true
	'field_user_id' => [
		'type'   => 'num',
		'length' => 50,
		'fill'	 => true
	'field_user_name' => [
		'type'   => 'text',
		'length' => 100,
		'fill'	 => true
	'field_content' => [
		'type'   => 'text', // varchar
		'length' => 30000,
		'fill'   => true
	'field_time' => [
		'type'   => 'text',
		'length' => 100,
		'fill'	 => true
	'field_published' => [
		'type' 	 => 'num',
		'length' => 1,
		'fill'	 => false

It's an example of table in data base thats created fast and simple with:

// create comments
$dbx::query('c', 'revolver__comments', $STRUCT_COMMENTS);

And next I can insert or update comments data using following structure:

// create comments

	'field_id' => [
		'value'  => 0
	'field_node_id' => [
		'value'	 => 2334
	'field_user_id' => [
		'value'	 => 1
	'field_user_name' => [
		'value'	 => 'CyberX'
	'field_content' => [
		'value'	 => 'Comment text'
	'field_time' => [
		'value'	 => '11/07/2018'
	'field_published' => [
		'value'	 => 1

$dbx::query('in', 'revolver__comments', $STRUCT);

Code bellow does an INSERT because field_id value is 0. If this value have an index of existing comment in database this instruction will work like UPDATE. Simple.

Next time I should simplify DELETE query because I do not like WHERE statement.

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5 coming soon

Good news! In next week I've release a new RevolveR CMS version with big changes in performance plan. For now released and under testing a file cache system thats improves system performance in several times.

RevolveR Turbo Cache
RevolveR Turbo Cache

Revolve Cache system based on MD5 hashing of MySQL tables contains site data. Every change runs rehashing mechanism and automatic dump of fresh datas to files for every table. If hashes equals engine nothin to do and just use cache files to render a site. Cache files to be updated automatically at every UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE queries. Simple.

Next change is an INSERT and UPDATE queries merge mechanism. Yes, it's real to use only inject query for update and insert queries. It's based on 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' feature and does a simplify all that we want do with database.

v.1.2.5 under testing for now. Release in plans in 20th July.

Sad bug does me a pause in development

I don't know how long it is have an affect on my sytes because I found it accidentally. Usually I work and surf in Safari and do not need any other browser because it is most advanced and stable application for Web.

One day I open my site used front end library RevolveR and found a chrome tab crashed. All other browsers can execute my code perfectly without any problems. Long time I spent to find real Chrome browser developers and write about this issue on Chrome developers forum. There I hear a lot of recommendations without any argumented opinion from not very competent support team. And then I realized about this guys and girls is not real developers of most popular browser ... Apparently the only take icon and make repainted icon for Chrome. The same shit applies to Opera, Yandex browser and a lot of southens.

In the end I was given something like a link on Chromium bugs tracker where I write about problem with my code.

We have to wait for July 19th to resolve this bug thats marked as RB-Stable. I Don't want to do anything for this time. Hope it can be fixed.

Site load benchmark testing with apache ab

There are many services for testing and benchmarking site load average in the web but many of them is require a payments. Fortunately in Mac OS and Linux we have Apache service utility named Apache Benchmark thats can do test with one line command input.

For example I test random site with ab using one IP address via WIFI -> 4G network with concurrency 200 and 1000 requests per time:

ab -c 200 -n 1000

The output:

CyberXs-MBP:~ cyberx$ ab -c 200 -n 1000
This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 
Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd,
Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation,

Benchmarking (be patient)
Completed 100 requests
Completed 200 requests
Completed 300 requests
Completed 400 requests
Completed 500 requests
Completed 600 requests
Completed 700 requests
Completed 800 requests
Completed 900 requests
Completed 1000 requests
Finished 1000 requests

Server Software:        openresty
Server Hostname:
Server Port:            80

Document Path:          /revolver_cms_v.1.0.9/
Document Length:        16984 bytes

Concurrency Level:      200
Time taken for tests:   16.783 seconds
Complete requests:      1000
Failed requests:        894
   (Connect: 0, Receive: 0, Length: 894, Exceptions: 0)
Non-2xx responses:      894
Total transferred:      10029004 bytes
HTML transferred:       9855404 bytes
Requests per second:    59.58 [#/sec] (mean)
Time per request:       3356.659 [ms] (mean)
Time per request:       16.783 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests)
Transfer rate:          583.55 [Kbytes/sec] received

Connection Times (ms)
              min  mean[+/-sd] median   max
Connect:       69  437 287.1    431    1247
Processing:   113 1663 2268.0    729    9685
Waiting:       96 1565 2237.5    686    9598
Total:        195 2100 2286.3   1167   10625

Percentage of the requests served within a certain time (ms)
  50%   1167
  66%   1519
  75%   1660
  80%   1926
  90%   7105
  95%   8116
  98%   8728
  99%   8965
 100%  10625 (longest request)

One small problem with it is a server side blocking requests from one IP when limit are achieved to prevent flood. It is not replaces cloud testing because many servers can generate more IP addresses and can do real overloading picture but Apache Benchmark fast and simple.

Apache Benchmark overload statistics
Apache Benchmark overload statistics

With 106 successful request of 1000 defined over ~3s for one of 200 threads we can look at overload graph placed in server side statistics. So, RevolveR CMS was eat only 2 of 10 available by hosting plan points.

RevolveR CMS v1.2.4 update

Good news. I finished testing and debugging AMP site version based on core functionality in RevolveR CMS and have done validation process of AMP pages!

Now we have fully compatible AMP tags convertor that able to create responsive images in specific format from plain node output.

RevolveR CMS AMP Ready
RevolveR CMS AMP Ready

Next interesting think that I done is a HTTP 2.0 push server preloader for media contents like figure tags, pictures and some other contents. HTML Accelerator under development now and allow some preload information for browser headers to start preload any images from contents placed in database.

Fixed strange bug with hidden output blocked header set instruction founded on a sidebar template. I don't know what a shit is this because this is floating unstable bug. All works like a charm if you don't use left sidebar.

RevolveR is SEO friendly system.

Revolver CMS v.1.2.3 update

First I want to talk about is a HTTP 2.0 RevolveR CMS comparability when used good servers and HTTPS protocol. Yes it works better and should be also better when I've add image preloading features under HTTP 2 and RevolveR Core.

Next, I was do strange things because Turbo pages technology now allows to add user JavaScript to external aggregated pages and we can't use any stats on it I create a hidden tracker. Now we can see all visits on external pages intended for mobile users. It looks like Turbo User in tracker list.

So, also you can track any external resources by including one small image thats collect all needed for statistics engine data. For example you can put this tracker on a forum and look what visitors are read your posts.

Revolver CMS stats Calendar feature
Revolver CMS stats Calendar feature

A second new feature that was added to Revolver CMS is a calendar for statistics and now you can see stats for every day of current month.

We have small problem with issue thats corresponds to Chromium browser bug. Unfortunately all browsers based on Chromium engine affected CPU overload when used RevolveR JavaScript library. Bug posted on crbugs and developers promise to resolve it in next releases.

All other browsers like MS Edge, FireFox and Safari are not affected this issue.

In next releases thats become quickly I've add an subscribers feature for anonymous comments and next should be released first forum module version.

Next thats I trying to bring to mind is AMP. Now all mobile pages are indexed and placed in search results appear than full versions but no any marker about it's AMP compatible. In future releases it should be finalized with styles like an bootstrap and all media types support(in development AMP tags converter for Revolver CMS).

Thats all for now.

Download RevolveR CMS v1.2.3 on GitHub

How to install MacOS Mojave beta on Hackintosh

For now there are no way to install clean build of MacOS Mojave if you are not under beta developer Apple program but we have a chance to switch default update Chanel to developer version.

All you need is a MacOS Developer Beta Access Utility attached this post and updated latest Clover EFI build with all needed for you system kexts placed on Other directory.

Beta Chanel switch Mac OS update
Beta Chanel switch Mac OS update

For example I use ASUS K541UV based Hackintosh to install Mac OS Mojave 10.14 over pre installed Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.

Run package file from attached dmg and wait until execution ends. Then in opened AppStore window thats should be show MacOS Mojave download section press download button and wait for load distro are done.

The simplest way is plain install from Application thats should be run after download complite and strongest way is a creating bootable USB drive and install from it with reboot. So, if you just wont test the system you have to do plain install.

After process are done when you computer reboot first time you have to chose Intsaller option from Clover menu and with next reboot you have to choose Firevault boot option thats synonym of boot MacOS option because it need less button presses ;)

Download Beta Access Utility for MacOS Mojave.

Thats all.

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.2: AMP and Turbo pages

With some unwillingness and some difficulties I was integrate in RevolveR CMS support of Accelerated Mobile Pages without adding one more template alignment! Now core optimized to render two site versions without any switching simple!

RevolveR CMS v1.1.2
RevolveR CMS :: mobile friendly add-ons

So. For now I can not offer you a lot of skins because I have more priority task but if you'd like to use RevolveR Core template - you have to know that it's supports AMP as well. There are no styles and animations for now - it's just first test release that past validation and we need to wait for search engine index to look at result. Now link to mobile pages are visible from beside of logotype.

Next good news is the Turbo Pages support in RSS channel. This technology allow mobile visitors to view accelerated pages as well as specially optimized pages.

No settings define needed because all works automatically like a charm.

In next releases I should update mobile pages view for AMP and rework some integrated in core features thats should convert some contents like images to AMP compatible tags. There are nothin difficult.

And for now internal SEO stats engine updated(improved show visits from search engines).

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.2 download

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.1 :: User ban options

Today I have a big problems with unknown symbols in database because all RevolveR CMS filters are works fine. Strange anonymous comment was break header() PHP instruction.

I found this symbols in left sidebar where latest comments are shown. There are an hidden error in string where comment is showed. Four hours we find this bug and after I del this comment PHP header steel works again. This error become after I install Mac OS Mojave beta. Seems it's beta version Safari bug.

So, this update with numbers 1.2.1 includes only user ban option. Code available on GitHub.

Mac OS Mojave :: beta installation on hackintosh

Fortunately Mac OS Mojave beta installed on my hackintosh. Some specific for hackintosh kexts steel useless and cause kernel panic. It's very bad because my trackpad ELAN 1200 won't work with older version VoodooI2C.kext. All other hardware was launch perfectly.

Mac OS Mojave
Mac OS Mojave via ASUS K541UV

I got installer from AppStore directly and have no problems with update. Install process very long at second stage after reboot and some partitions that's we can see in Clover are broken but system boots normal and no any specific patches needed.

Mac OS Mojave dark appearance
Mac OS Mojave dark appearance

First, catches the eye is new dark theme and beautiful wallpaper on login screen and new applications. Graphics work good but sometimes launchpad does glitches with my intel HD620(lol, i3 can do the things). Sometimes notification about applications like Photoshop not optimized for Mac and needs update callus eyes. Also Safari have some bugs with cache.

So. For now the system so dump and not any reason to use 10.14 Mojave beta for work. I have to return on High Sierra.


A primary thing you have to keep in mind when you change the hardware for hackintosh is WIFI and ethernet adapters comparability with Mac OS. Usually many of related hardware is incompatible and need to be replaced. Some platforms may have a whitelist and you can't replace WIFI without BIOS modification. Some replacements need to do difficult DSDT patches.

WIFI in Mac OS under hackintosh
WIFI in Mac OS under hackintosh

Fortunately we can use special WIFI dongles with full Mac OS compatibility and low price.

TP-LINK WL-823N device in Mac OS
TP-LINK WL-823N device in Mac OS

For example, I want to talk you about TP-LINK TP-WL-823N USB WIFI adapter thats have official Mac OS software available for download from official web-site and perfectly working on Mac OS 10.13.5.

I buy this dongle for less than 10$ and just install package with hardware WIFI kexts and it works! You can find other supported WIFI dongles WL series with kexts for Mac OS in a computer shop or digital markets.

For test I use my hackintosh based on ASUS K541UV with installed Mac OS High Sierra.

RevolveR CMS v1.2.0 update

Update version 1.2.0 includes pagination that I forgot to do first. Now it works for Nodes #homepage route and maybe in future will be crafted for comments.

Pagination in RevolveR CMS
Pagination in RevolveR CMS

Write me what do you think about pagination modes I like to add in preferences:

  • Pager mode: auto fetch when scroll to end or classic with links and numbers(I'd like classic). Fetch pagination should be added if I can read your comments about it.
  • If you need option in preferences for limiting nodes on pagination segments - please tell me. Now it available in config php and by default limits to 5 nodes per page.

Also fixed fetch requests for Chrome and FireFox. This browsers won't execute query selectors like :not(a[target="_blank"]). Now all dynamics on sites used RevolveR CMS should works like a charm.

Download RevolveR CMS v1.2.0.

RevolveR CMS v1.1.9 :: improved captcha

Today every second website affected spammer bots that can reads graphics data from pattern image and automatically send post data. There are many completed solutions and services fro secure a websites but I steel create own Captcha.

RevolveR Captcha
RevolveR Captcha

RevolveR captcha more simple and helpful because it used pure javascript canvas render of captcha pattern that can't be read for now. It is require to repeat pattern with users draw.

I have create some obstacles for analyzing captcha generation data that goes from secure route via fetch request on every document update. This data is cryptic to spammer robots because them won't execute javascript. This data is low crypted with randomizing pattern pixels coordinates. Adds complexity and the presence of Roman numerals and shuffling data with latin alphabet.

This encryption simple and fast. It's not to brake client and does not provide the possibility of bulkheads. With RevolveR CMS not dependencies needed to use RevolveR Captcha. It was integrated in core.

Maybe later, when I have to create fully randomized patterns I may to create a new Captcha service that more user-friendly end fast than Google services to allow other CMS users use this Captcha.

RevolveR CMS v1.1.9 update on GitHub.

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.8 :: content moderations added

This update have a critical priority and improves content management on sites used RevolveR CMS. Added content moderation options for nodes and comments.

For now if user inside a role Admin or Writer there are allow to modify published propertie for comment and nodes. By default comments from anon users are not published without moderation, new nodes not published by default. That allows you to avoid spammers and errors.

Read carefully how to update RevolveR CMS from previous version 1.1.7. First you have to execute two MySQL queries to add insufficient fields in database:

  • alter table revolver__nodes add field_published int after field_time idea;
  • alter table revolver__comments add field_published int after field_category;

Second, you have to replace all files on server from repository. Third, you enjoy!

RevolveR CMS v1.1.8

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.7 :: interface improvements

This update includes anything critical and like other versions not needed to do anything with database because this system designed for simple usage. You have to replace files and continue to use updated RevolveR CMS.

In previous notes I write about frontend library addition named form styler. This advance was integrated here and now we have new sexy checkboxes, radio inputs and selects.

Form styles in RevolveR CMS
Form styles in RevolveR CMS

So, I think, become a time to get personal server for placing repository with CMS distr. When I done this - in new versions we can look at one click update mechanism working from site preferences without need in FTPS/FTP file managers.

Revolver micro frontend library v1.1.1

There are different view of default form elements in different operation systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS looks different. For example, in Windows system it's an ugly squares of shit with ugly borders.

RevolveR frontend form styler
RevolveR frontend form styler

Tonight I have an interest to fix it and I was port my old solution for styling form elements from jQuery to Revolver frontend library. Also, it should be integrated in RevolveR CMS later, after I all test are passed.

Solution works with calling one method $.formStyler() and prepare to one view for all systems next elements:

  • Checkboxes
  • Radios
  • Selects

In future I should programming the features for styling file fields with drag and drop and other HTML 5 types of inputs.

RevolveR frontend library ES7 + bootstrap

RevolveR CMS update 1.1.6

Become a time when I have thinking about more objective oriented core of the system thats can do strange things like getting and putting some data in database with few code strings simply that building DB queries manually. So, it works before this update but have ugly usability and I was integrate new functionality named helpers.

RevolveR SEO Stats
RevolveR SEO Stats

Now all queries in RevolveR core based on Structs and $dbx engine thats automatically construct queries from user parameters, perform connection to database and return result in array. It's good but not to be a best.

For example new DataHelper can get any data from database without any parameters. For example $base::getData('users'); will return all users from DB shortly and for now not needed to define table name, sort order or limit(also you can define them).

Also I was develop new way to define DB structure using RevolveR Schema describes the tables, fields and data types. That gives you to add new tables and configuring queries simple.

At near future when I have more time I should update DBX engine. Now it can perform all needed operations but we have small problems with optimization of update queries. In future I will fix it and next step will be released $base::SetData() helpers.

Ok. it's not all about version 1.1.6 update. At last redesigned templates. It was exploded to small parts and optimized. Also in future will be created self designed template engine.

RevolveR CMS version 1.1.6 update.

Oh ... so many tasks and so few people.

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.4 :: sms notifications added

So. Next few updates we have to look at real integration of two factor authorization functionality in RevolveR CMS. For now Twilio gives me 15$ for testing service.

Not on the fact that many services providing SMS notifications require a lot of money(for example in Russia providers takes around 5 rub for SMS) I have contrived to find good SMS service for message notifications, new comments notifications and two factor authorization in future named Twilio.

With few hours of coding Twilio's backend and addition site settings was integrated into RevolveR CMS. For now it's first beta release of SMS notifications for some user actions like recovery password. I did not use Twilio SDK and write my own interpretation of send SMS API on native php curl(it's look like 5Kb my native backend vs 5.4Mb of composer's shit libraries).

RevolveR CMS v.1.4.4

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.3 :: some improvements and plan

Today I was update RevolveR CMS to version 1.1.3 thats include small bug fixes and some code improvements. Now added support of similar links for contents looks like next and previous navigation bar.

For now I have achieved everything that I planned to implement initially for starting stable RevolveR CMS versions but it's not all of I need to do.

Now we have to look at very simple implementation of system architecture that intended to fast integration of new features. Now it very helpful to create new futures without any system redesign but in future it should be more strict and flexible.

Also, I will develop an API thats should have new Classes for data pre-election like Node::get($id) or UserAdd($name, $role, $email, $password).

Now we have not any template engine and I do not plan to add it in the future to prior flexible native API renders like NodesRender($param) or CommentGet($nodeId) because it gives more powerful development culture and has fewer restrictions.

So, a lot of tasks should be done and I have no any contributors... Hope some of cool and initiative coders have to join the project and we'll do everything in the best possible way faster.

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.3

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.1 :: internal SEO statistics su

So. After I was collect some data by search engines and referral sites I was update RevolveR CMS internal statistics engine. Now it helpful for SEO and site activity analytics.

RevolveR SEO Stats
RevolveR SEO Stats
  • View registered users hits;
  • View anon users stats;
  • View refers from search engine and friendly sites;
  • View live activity in percentage;
  • View users routes on the site and look at time where user stay.
Statistics view RevolveR CMS
RevolveR SEO Stats

Repository updated(not needed to do anything with previous versions: take fresh files and replace with it): RevolveR_CMS.

ASUS K541UV: budget hackintosh for development

First you want to ask is a question about why hackintosh instead of MacBook? The answer is simple: because it cheaper and not much worse than original MacBook. For example this lightweight and cheaper notebook can be used in extrime conditions like work in radiation areas and after can be ejected without regret. Every year you can buy new cheaper hackintosh with newest hardware instead of use of obsolete in time expensive Mac. It's a primary reason to make hackintosh!

For example we have to look at ASUS K541UV in angle of Mac Book Air analog having more big display for only $580.

The hardware of ASUS K541UV is light but is sufficient performance to run and use Mac OS High Sierra. It is equipped with Core i3 Kaby Lake CPU, 4Gb DDR4 RAM, 500Gb HDD and Geforce MX920 with 2Gb onboard graphics memory that we have to disable.

ASUS K541UV hackintosh
ASUS K541UV hackintosh

I was create Clover configuration EFI folder and Mac OS installer thats you can use to install Mac OS High Sierra. For advance shared HD620 memory improved to 2048Mb with patch.

On this system works fine all hardware instead of WIFI adapter that you can replace to compatible.

Complite installer: Mac OS High Sierra installer for ASUS K541UV.

RevolveR CMS internal statistics development

Tonight I was integrate first version of statistics engine into RevolveR CMS and now have to collect some data needed to debug and improvements.

RevolveR Stats
RevolveR Stats

So. Now we can look at User path's on the site and see browser and operating system info. We can look at the how much time the user spent on the route.

I have to hide unusable data like robots hits later and publish new version of RevolveR CMS. Also I have to create widgets with total daily stats in preferences panel thats can show how much users goes from other sites and search engines.

Revolver CMS :: production ready release v.1.0.9

After a time when many liked by you things stay fat and ugly you need something better and simple. It was happen with me when Drupal 8 was fall at update and I have loose some notes, site availability and time to fix problems. Thousands of unknown files, libraries and hell coded architecture. Why I need to loose my time on learning when I need to do simple things like posting contents and commentaries. Really I need same harmful engine to do that?

No. Better way for me was create my own CMS better, secure, simple for usage and faster including all things I need and I can see good in other products.

Well, one month of development and you can see first production ready release of RevolveR CMS.

RevolveR CMS
RevolveR CMS

So. Lets look at some futures:

  • No dependencies and server requirements(minimal PHP modules requirements).

  • Speedy, lightweight, simple.

  • Self database engine with structures based queries.

  • Self frontend library RevolveR coded in ES 7 JavaScript.

  • Full fetch support of dynamic forms and interfaces.

  • Support of user accounts.

  • Support user points.

  • Full humanity, secure and powerful router(good links for contents).

  • Self developed very simple captcha.

  • Support of contents creating with range of categories.

  • Commenting support.

  • Uploads support.

  • SEO friendly.

  • Self contents editor.

  • Friendly installer.

  • Private messages support.

  • Email notifications support.

  • ...

All this list is not all of good features of RevolveR CMS. It under development for now and will be developed tomorrow because I'd like it.

Latest version 1.0.9 available on GitHub.

Example: this site.

Welcome to unwired mind project

Few days ago a was finish to develop my own CMS named RevolveR intended to publish some notes in web and categorize it's.

When I feel about all works fine become a time to setup it to the hosting and start using it. For now not all to be ideal but I need real using experience to do RevolveR better and scalable.

First time installation tests I have big problems with configuration of Linux servers. Because I was develop very secure CMS and ugly hostings block some needed futures like blocking solutions setcookie() inside files connected with require_once instruction. This problem detected under Ubuntu server in header PHP module.

So. In few hours I find good hosting company for my site thats can ensure all system requirements of RevolveR CMS.

So. What you can find here in future?

First can I say about it ‐ I need this site to training my English because my primary language is Russian and I want to share my experience with peoples for more than one country.

Second ‐ I need a platform for sharing some developer tips and future development releases.

Third ‐ I need it just for fun. Welcome!