Sad bug does me a pause in development

I don't know how long it is have an affect on my sytes because I found it accidentally. Usually I work and surf in Safari and do not need any other browser because it is most advanced and stable application for Web.

One day I open my site used front end library RevolveR and found a chrome tab crashed. All other browsers can execute my code perfectly without any problems. Long time I spent to find real Chrome browser developers and write about this issue on Chrome developers forum. There I hear a lot of recommendations without any argumented opinion from not very competent support team. And then I realized about this guys and girls is not real developers of most popular browser ... Apparently the only take icon and make repainted icon for Chrome. The same shit applies to Opera, Yandex browser and a lot of southens.

In the end I was given something like a link on Chromium bugs tracker where I write about problem with my code.

We have to wait for July 19th to resolve this bug thats marked as RB-Stable. I Don't want to do anything for this time. Hope it can be fixed.

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