Evo to Revo: my first npm package

Today I'm think about future of my small front-end project Evolution. In mind I want to create a real powerfull framework with a lot of options and futures. Now I can see Angular, Ember, Vue, React and many others like Marionette ... So, i have no free time and motivation now. I think new project Revolver micro-library have more chances to be alive that old project Evolution framework.

So, now I'am finish publishing my first package to NPM repositories and have finished some fixes for library. What differences with Evo project.

  • 1. Some optimizations and ES6 injects.
  • 2. New namespace `RR` that can be defined as $ if you like this code style.

What is Revolver? It's just very fast and very small powerfull library for using Document Object Methods and apply some animations with support of AJAX, JSON and containing some modules like tabs, rotate, modal boxes, hints and many other.

Link to NPM package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/cyberx

Link to GitHub: https://github.com/xShiftx/RevolveR

You can install it using npm install cyberx

p.s.: Maby in future I have to code backend system and server based templater.

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