Revolver 1.0.2: async initialisation and class realisation

Today I was release new feutures for revolver library. Now we have new mechanism of initialisation based on class with async\await. Only you need to strat develop under revolver is shout in window with you namespace that you like.

For example:

<script src="./app/revolver.js?production=1.0" async id="revolver">		
	// charging weapons with namespace
	const revolver = new Revolver('$');
	// stylize
	$.dom("a:first-child","style",['color: #000','text-decoration: none']);
	$.dom("a:first-child","animate",['left:-170px:3000:pulse', 'font-size:30px:1000', 'color:brown:3000', 'transform: rotate(360deg,360deg,360deg) perspective(40px):2000']);
	$.dom("a:first-child", "style", ['display:inline-block', 'transform: rotateX(0deg) perspective(200px)']);
	$.event('a:first-child', 'click', function(e){
	$.hint('a', 'data-title');
</script><!-- #RevolveR :: javascript -->

First we have simply define new application with namespace and second we can use all methods using this namespace. Now it need only one code string for initialization.


I was shout out my legs when have to test classes in JavaScript. It's truthful shit because take to long time for initialization and I have negative opinion about it. But ... I think few minets about and release it.

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