Budget hackbook for web development based on ASUS K541UV

Month ago I was buy very light weight and beautiful notebook ASUS K541UV for 580$. Instead of very good sound system and large scale resolution 1920 x 1080px there are i3 7100U CPU Kaby Lake, Intel HD620 graphics and GeForce 920MX.

ASUS K541UV Hackintosh

Few steps with system DSDT modification with help of German hackintosh community and Olarilla community and some kexts finding we have a 100% working hackintosh based on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4.

So. I add some dedicated memory for integrated video to 2048 Mb and disable GeForce MX920 thats not compatible with Mac OS 10.13.4.

ASUS K541UV Hackintosh HIgh Sierra

Works sleep mode, brightness keys and sound keys, ethernet, graphics, USB Type-C ports and other. You have to replace only WIFI card to compatible and get 100% working hackbook.

Special for model ASUS K541U I was create bootable MacOS X installer based on Clover and AppStore clean MacOS High Sierra image.

Also, you can use HoRNDIS.kext to connect Internet. It supports any USB tethering device like Android phone with enabled USB modem.

ASUS K541UV Hackintosh HIgh Sierra view photo

You can say about this is a slow system. Now it starts over 40 seconds maximum on HDD and we can play games like Witcher II and Tyranny.

Download Clover EFI bootable Installer High Sierra 10.13.4 with HFS support ISO: just burn to USB and boot in UEFI mode.

Update: If you see message about hardware problem detected while installation -- just connect Ethernet LAN or turn on USB modem on smartphone, connect it to notebook and boot from recovery partition. Than change reinstall Mac OS X(fresh version will be loaded from AppStore and installed).

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