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Про разработчиков категории Senior

Как-то раз у меня спросили(в 2010 году) к какому уровню владения технологиями я отношусь. Junior, Middle или Senior? Я ответил просто ‐ Ninja. Наверняка вы также встречали в описаниях вакансий о том, что требуются разработчики категории Senior(aka Senior Developers) для каких либо проектов.

Меня веселит слово Senior применительно к IT из-за одной эротической шутки про Грязного Cанчеса.

Чтобы стать Грязным Санчесом(сеньором Грязным Санчесом) засуньте указательный палец левой руки в жопу своей подруги и смажте этим пальцем под носом. Должны получиться усы как у Гитлера. Глубоко вдыхая зайнимайтесь грязью. Все: Вы ‐ сеньор Грязный Санчес..

Если с Junior и Middle все понятно, то c Senior не совсем. Слово отдает каким то средневековым мексиканским рабовладельчеством. Стремитесь быть Ninja, как минимум. Ниндзи в чужой "жопе" не ковыряются, а все кодят сами и это круто.

Is tired in visualise ... Fuck the "Keep calm"!

Become a time when I become into haters of some system visuals and next time I feel me going to death. Full seven years I live in this crazy world of mind projections, strange feelings and interesting life events.

Become a time when I didn't want to live like a previous 7 years when I no one time have disconnection and relax.

For now I hate most of thefts and lies that's in previous time was my friends, parents, acquaintances. I don't want to speak, hear and look at the shit performed by bastards.

Last drop of my patience is end. What happens? Why some bastards can steal of my health and my money? I don't know what to do with this fagots. Last time I watch a video by Prodigy on youtube and have some dialog with a group. Some scumbag take my voice and wants to speak behind me. Next time I have to take heart attack, very ugly visualize and six portions of shit into my life. Let's watch this video.

Keith Flint is dead and we can't ask him about whats the shit is happen in real. Fuck this visualize and feelings. I nearly died myself.

For now my face hacked and sometimes this face not identical to my passport photo. My legs(veins on legs are under varicose) and hands are hacked sometimes to. Stupid old mans join my programmers team and make not possible to develop anything.

Whats are fuck? I just crash some drug dealers because this bastards make me heroin over dosage by system many times. I just want to kill this narco's and their programmers because I hate any drugs.

Fucking Russian deputies with their fucking children's have inviolability. Fucking Russian police won't work and cover the drugs trading. What can we do with this shit? We won't work for scum.

I have supper health and never feeling a heart rhythm because my programmers are super to(I don't need to feel my heart because it's tested for durability but next time I feel a pain in the chest. It's a critical moment), I never goes to the choke and I can not sleep a week when I always fresh. Fucking idiots takes my program and makes some shit when I sleep. Whats are fuck? I am cool but I don't be an immortal. This shit can kill me to.

RevolveR CMF v.1.7 release

Today we release new version of RevolveR CMF with a lot of additions. Many time are spent to fix some bugs related to PHP interpreter because we use some specific programming technique without Objects for core futures.

RevolveR CMF version 1.7 performance for website with contents
RevolveR CMF version 1.7 performance check.

Next time we have to integrate the Data Base server down protection. Maybe in fast time I can create algorithm to make possible website works when Data Base server are down and add some features to collect some changes of contents in static files stacks with real changing of views and next auto-comit this changes to real DB. Auto ALTER tables ABQ syntax and algorithms for now works like a charm and we can modify any tables on the fly without using plain SQL syntax(all queries are generated and executed via DBX core furures). DBX and ABQ is not ORM solutions but this engine can more than you think.

For now optimized and fixed database engine. Now caches are stable because we can fix some bug when replace all array_reverse native PHP functions to more simple and flexible code. Now caches works like a charm and give good performance.

RevolveR CMF version 1.7 benchmark for https
RevolveR CMF version 1.7 benchmark for https(mobile)

Next new futures is an inteface changes. We add some collapsible elements API for front-end. This futures related to form API that's now can be used to create any HTML code of any POST data with PHP API. It supports a lot of modifications of form markup such as auto-generate inputs, checkboxes, radios, textareas with wrapping into labels, with type choosing. Also it can be connected to Captcha check and exploding to tabs of form contents. All form works with REST architecture and can send data over ECMA script 7 Fetch future. It works native for RevolveR framework.

RevolveR CMF версия 1.7

Ну вот и свершилось. Кое как мы смогли победить глюки функций PHP и теперь кэш базы данных стабильнее некуда. Я добавил множество исключительных возможностей в настройки DBX и оптимизировал там все под разные типы запросов.

Появились также новые ABQ структуры для запросов xJOIN(extended JOIN), которые позволяют опрашивать нелимитированное количество таблиц при SELECT и указывать отношения ячеек таблицы, а также теперь и дубликаты даннных фильтрует автоматически.

Также есть изменения в дизайне, в интерфейсах, в API, произведены разные оптимизации и мы снова смогли выжать от системы производительность в районе 0.15 секунды на полный выхлоп кода и обработку всех функций для сайта с контентом и shared хостингом за 200 рублей в месяц.

Мы слегка не закончили страницу модерации контента. Ждите следующий release - там эта функция появится обязательно.

Также нововведения описаны не все. Приятные сюрпризы есть.

Скачать RevolveR CMF версиия 1.7.

How to compare MySQL multiple JOIN query without duplicate rows

When I create an API for DBX engine that should work like a charm to compare multiple INNER JOIN MySQL queries I was found some possibility of Data Base server to return duplicate rows in result.

For example, we use some instructions for collect some fields from 5 different tables:







FROM `revolver__nodes` 

INNER JOIN `revolver__categories` ON(`revolver__nodes`.field_category=`revolver__categories`.field_id) 
INNER JOIN `revolver__comments` ON(`revolver__nodes`.field_id=`revolver__comments`.field_node_id) 
INNER JOIN `revolver__users` ON(`revolver__comments`.field_user_name=`revolver__users`.field_nickname) 
INNER JOIN `revolver__subscriptions` ON(`revolver__users`.field_nickname=`revolver__subscriptions`.field_user_name);