RevolveR CMS v.1.2.7 update :: total bug fixes

19th Jully. Finaly developers of Chromium browser provide me some considerations about a bug in browser. Error was occured with bounce effect thats cause infinite loop in Chromium. Now it fixed and front-end components used by RevolveR CMS not affected this bug.

So. I have also small digest about RevolveR CMS compability. This system is not designed for old browsers and old linux servers. It's a try of innovation and minimalistics revolution with happy end because I have many time and big dreams. For now from April(3.5 Month) I was release all system functionality without any problems. Threre are not a lot of time should be spent to design forum and ecommerce modules. Most problem is...

Introduction of DBX engine: mysqli query executor

Today I have a time to upgrade DBX engine thats is a part of RevolveR CMS to version 1.1.1. All changes I was integrate to CMS core are ported to different and independednt version of Data Base X.

By default for now DBX allows you not only execute DB queries from structure based arrays, for now it is allows you use files based on hash tables cache. Added new and more simple queries like Inject with witch you can use one instruction for intellectual INSERT or auto UPDATE.

For examples please see revolver core or distro index.php page contains examples and unit test info. All of it very simple to learn.

DBX v.1.1.1 availible from github here:

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.6 :: added query box

In this update RevolveR CMS v1.2.6 added query box and search route. For now visiotors and users of sites thats used RevolveR CMS can did search in nodes contents. Added new core DBX queries types(RR CMS goes to be a framework slowly).

In next releases query box should be upgraded to allow you search not only in nodes. Will be added parametrized search of comments, nodes and forum topics with options of finding in headlines and contents. Also I've develop an extra highligting of keywords in text.

v.1.2.6 avalible on github:

RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5 release

As I promised, a little earlier than planned, I was release RevolveR CMS version 1.2.5 with Turbo Cache based on static files and new way optimized queries by DBX engine.

It's a big changes because now cached by default and under cache updated state by default CMS eats only 2 queries when visitors just watch contents(one query for check cache hash and one for writing statistics). Only two queries and we have 100% working site ability.

Next changes thats released is an INJECT queries for DBX engine. Before RevolveR CMS needs to execute for every field update new UPDATE query, for now all fields UPDATE goes once by query.

Now I can say about it's a time when I should to release forum...

MySQL UPDATE query without WHERE statement simple

There are some interesting things in world of SQL thats you can like to use. For example we can look at the statement thats works like INSERT MySQL query when you define auto increment field value of zero and work like an UPDATE MySQL query when it's defined as existing auto increment id.

Merge insert and update queries
Merge insert and update queries
INSERT INTO `revolver__comments` (`field_id`, `field_content`) 
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `field_id`='0', `field_content`='TEST LAST INSERT';

Look at this statement. If field_id=0 it works like INSERT query but we can use it for UPDATE query also in one instruction:

INSERT INTO `revolver__comments` (`field_id`, ...