RevolveR CMS version 1.5 release testing

Not much time has passed from revious RevolveR CMS version release. Become a time when I prepare new version of most speedy and secure contents management system. Many changes in this release relate to performance, security and design. Whats new in version 1.5 expects users?

RevolveR CMS
RevolveR CMS

Full array oriented coding code base

Because we now how much memory and CPU time eats objects in PHP and complicated classes ‐ RevolveR CMS created without them. Whats in result you can see on screenshot maked for system with large contents.

RevolveR CMS
RevolveR CMS is the best

DataBase updates

  • DBX caches improvements: MySQL DataBase support queries via ABQ have new alorithms for creation caches with autoclean old static files. Different queries creates different caches also with support of multi JOIN queries.
  • DBX speedup: improved preparing results creation for usage under API.
  • ABQ: small changes in JOIN queries array based format.

Inner optimisations, security additions and bug fixes

  • Fixed some bugs related to redundant circuits.
  • Added triple escape of SQL injections(evil injection, zero day issue, querys tail comprometation injections) in input variables, MySQL queries builder and advanced XSS protection.
  • Template rendering also apporved to mobile phones with screen ranges from 360px to 2560px width.
  • Memory usage and execution time reduced.

Design extends

  • Added new layout rendering mode named SPAx(single pages application extended): all nodes renders in full screen mode with after reaching contents description blocks. Every node have trimed version for announce and full version with REST action loading. Every links and input forms on site used RevolveR CMS also have fetch loading solution.
  • Default template align switched to 1440px grid system.

Deprecated futures

Before some time when we check carefully every option was deprecated some futures. It's for the best.

  • Forum deprecated becuse not one user use this with RevolveR CMS.
  • Deprecated Yandex Turbo RSS Feed while search trafic lost.
  • Deprecated Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) while trafic lost, multiple bugs and becuse this feauture replaced by native CSS mobile layout integrated in main template.

Now RevolveR CMS version 1.5 under live testing. We have to watch how it works, makes some fixes and release soon.

Combining vewport units with media queries

Simple way to do website layout adapted with mobile devices when using double way to render template with width in percents and fixed grid is simple. Just use media queries thats represents only main container fixed width in view port units including other elements with percents only width align:

RevolverRoot {
	width: 1440px;
	margin: 0 auto;
	position: relative;

@media screen and (max-width: 1440px) and (min-width: 360px) {
  RevolverRoot {
  	width: 100vw; 

It makes mach more scrren elements adaptive fast and simple.

If you use only percents for width of elements - simple way is using viewport with 0.25 scale:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=0.25, orientation=auto" />

For percents width align for all base container elements this viewport is better way to adopt your layout for small mobile screens and more large tablets. Fix large layouts scale with media queries if needed and sleep hapy.

This receipts such more as best practices without any third party solutions and not necessary steps for adaptation of proof.

MS Edge based on Chromium Insider Preview

About month ago was released new Microsoft Edge browser.

For the first look it's looks like Chrome or Edge. It is more simple for usage and have more flexible settings with more simple configuration.

Rendering manner, speed of loading pages and other such Chromium engines. Also I found CSS engine render little better than original Chromium.

Whats new in web browser MS Edge based on Chromium for web developer?

MS Edge developer tools
MS Edge developer tools
MS Edge developer tools
MS Edge developer tools: color picker

I look at developer tools and found it more usability than classic Chrome, Chromium and FireFox. Dark colors, smooth scrollers, new syntax highlight, brackets highlight and color pickers inside code listings. For first look it much better than classic Chromium engine.

Curent development status of RevolveR CMS

Become a time when we prepeare new futures of RevolveR CMS v.1.5 update. It's big update includes most of important fixes and additions. Whats new in next release comming soon?

Deleted twilio because basic libraries have no compability with lightweight RevolveR CMS and need basic payments to do sms sending allowed.

Optimized nodes and routes engines.

Added time description for Nodes, Comments, Conversations and Topics.

Core template now switched to 1440px grid system.

Rearenged colors for HTML elements.

DBX engine lost search query API because it's affected SQL injections and wont work after integration of SQL injections filters. Sorry. Also DBX improved in security reasons with variables library.

Some time we have to test new feutures and prepare SPAx additions. After should be commit with release when you can get update.