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New feutures in next RevolveR CMF version 1.6

Hi, friends.

Big works are defined to do RevolveR CMS version 1.6 goes a Framework. First we want to add is a multi language support for nodes, comments and categories. Added all countries with their codes and 2 symbols shortens for all popular languages in the world. About 25% of work are done.

Next release also should include features for creation nodes revisions(versions of the web pages stored in DB).

Also new template functions for front-end developers will be available.

Next RevolveR CMS release coming soon.

Small performance tips about the backend programming

This is a small note about programming highload backend applications.

I perform some test for DataBase and PHP programming techniques and found solution work at 4 times faster and economy.

MyISAM vs InnoDB

After some alter tables performs I found InnoDB MySQL DataBase engine in 10 times faster than MyISAM.

Object oriented code paradigm vs Array oriented code style

Yes. This solutions tested to. Array oriented code style faster at 4 times and uses less server RAM than Object oriented programming technique. Also paradoxically interested moment is a needles of OpCache, MemCache and XCache solutions when you coding in Arrays. Time of execution script to drop PHP process with OpCache when you use Arrays instead of Objects in 10 times bigger than not use OpCache.

This is 2 primary thing you need to keep in mind when build large HighLoad server applications. It's for budjet economy.

Smartbook Prestigio 116c review

Hello, friends. It's will be a very funny note.

Maby you can see new smartbooks based on Intel Atom CPU's and maby you can buy it for you kids. This note writed on this very funny solution with a big laughting.

First can I found bad in Intel Atom CPU's based hardware it's finding of 4 cores + 2 Gb RAM memory with x86 operating system. Oh, shit, why I need 4 cores with 2Gb RAM with x86 based oprating system used only one core? Mega Laught. Mega stupid cheating from Prestigio corporation. Next stupid solution from Intel Atom Inside Corporation is absence of upgrade RAM needed for installing true working with 4 cores OS Windows 10 x64... Small motherboard have full integrated hardware. Even SSD(really eMMC) have only 32Gb of storage data consist thats to low for latest Windows 10. You cant download even any film in full HD quality because every day updates takes full storage.

Presigio 116c review
Presigio 116c review

What can your kid with this shit what you think?

I talk you about you kid only can watch online wideos while browser cache loss :D.

What can web programmer like me with this shit?

No much. Use FileZilla and Sublime Text 3.

Why we cant do it better?

We cant install Windows 10 x64 used all cores because RAM size only 2Gb when needed 4Gb minimum.

It can be overclocked only for 200MGz.

We can't upgrade anythin.

Firmware EFI version writed on x86 based bootia32.efi only. It can't boot x64 also.

Good finded in Prestigio 116c

Screen resolution of 1920x1080 is good.

Battery lifetime is good to.

Very light weight is good.

Bad finded in Prestigio 116c

Very slow time of charge(24 hours for 100 battery cahrge).

Very slow harware, very low RAM size and very low disk space.

Can't upgrade anythin.

Can't install x64 OS Windows for using 4 cores instead of 1 when used x86.

Final notes about samrtbook Prestigio 116c

Also I can talk you about x86 OS missuses. Keyboard are good but touchpad is shit because one not young people finger does suggestion on any move. Your windows makes smaller every when you work in full screen mode.

Prestigio hide all informations and supports of 116c because it have crap totally.

Friends, we have totally deceived and overpaid of 40.

p.s.: In next note I try to talk you about how to install Arch Linux and how it works under Intel Atom based Prestigio 116c.