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ASUS K541UV: budget hackintosh for development

First you want to ask is a question about why hackintosh instead of MacBook? The answer is simple: because it cheaper and not much worse than original MacBook. For example this lightweight and cheaper notebook can be used in extrime conditions like work in radiation areas and after can be ejected without regret. Every year you can buy new cheaper hackintosh with newest hardware instead of use of obsolete in time expensive Mac. It's a primary reason to make hackintosh!

For example we have to look at ASUS K541UV in angle of Mac Book Air analog having more big display for only $580.

The hardware of ASUS K541UV is light but is sufficient performance to run and use Mac OS High Sierra. It is equipped with Core i3 Kaby Lake CPU, 4Gb DDR4 RAM, 500Gb HDD and Geforce MX920 with 2Gb onboard graphics memory that we have to disable.

ASUS K541UV hackintosh
ASUS K541UV hackintosh

I was create Clover configuration EFI folder and Mac OS installer thats you can use to install Mac OS High Sierra. For advance shared HD620 memory improved to 2048Mb with patch.

On this system works fine all hardware instead of WIFI adapter that you can replace to compatible.

Complite installer: Mac OS High Sierra installer for ASUS K541UV.

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#7 by marcos


Hi! I'm a newbie and I made bootable an Asus F541U with Mohave but many things are not workig. I would like to try to do a step back, trying to install High Sierra with your ISO disk but when I open the file, only I found the OSX installer. Can you suggest how to buildthe installer disk, I suppose complete with clover and textes, using windows (ouch!) and your iso image? Obviously, with a bit of pain more, I can create the installer with Mojave, but trying tho restore the image file, I got an error. Thank you very much for the patience to read my lines, have a great day! Marco

#8 by CyberX


Hi, Marco. For now you need to download clean Installer for High Sierra from AppStore if you can. You need to use your EFI Clover folder with created bootable installer via USB flash disk. My installer is not intended to use with your hardware. Take fresh HS installer from AppStore and use Unitool( ). This utility help you to create bootable media.

#9 by marcos


HI, CyberX! thank you for your answer!

I downloaded High Sierra installer App and created the bootable USB with Unitool.

I'm quite sure that my difficulty is to prepare a proper Clover directory because the installation process froze after a while, the Apple logo is shown, the progress bar moves, and then with the spinning circle continues without any other consequence...

may I ask one more one thing? it may helps me to keep Mojave Beta instead...

Any suggestion for the texts to use for the following:

  • Bluetooth Realtek 4.0 adapter
  • Touchpad Asus Precision
  • Audio Realtek High Definition
  • LAN PCIe FE Family Controller
  • WIFI RTL8723BE Wireless LAN?

maybe, If I'm lucky...

Thank you, and have a great day.


#10 by CyberX


Hi, Marco.

So. RTL8723BE - incompatible, Bluetooth Realtek 4.0 adapter - small chance to run it, Touchpad Asus Precision(maybe ELAN kext or Voodoo PS2 kexts set can help you), Audio Realtek High Definition - Voodoo HDA works fine for Realtek, LAN PCIe FE Family Controller -need more info about device id. You need to use lspci util( and next you have to try find compatible kexts.

Also you need to patch your DSDT.

#15 by [anonymous] Marco

[anonymous] Marco
Hallo there! Everithing is OK but my trackpad, ELAN1200 still does not work. I tried to place some updated kext in LE and SLE but I'm not able to configure the system to use them... How to tell to Clover to load this kext? thanks

#16 by CyberX


hi, marco. What mac os version have this problem?

#17 by marcos

OSX Mojave, 10.14.2

#18 by CyberX

Marcos, sorry, but I do not test this notebook on Mojave instead of beta. Try to update VoodooPS2 controller kext. Now I use Acer Nitro 5.
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