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SQL select all distinct notes

From start of coding RevolveR CMS I have two small questions: how much memory use PHP and MySQL when we use SELECT * condition and how long it executes.

For experiment I use SELECT * MySQL query condition in geting RevolveR statistics engine. For now collected around 66611 rows in one table with browsers data thats outputs in interface by select all and plain cycle filtered statistics only for daily usage. It tooks only 1.2Mb memory and execution time is around 0.6 seconds.

Hosting parameters is unknown because I use dedicated hosting plan for 5$ per month. By hosting plan avalible only 128Mb memory for PHP accelerator and I can calculate how many monthes I can use SELECT all instruction to show SEO statistics. It's only around 10 years with attendance of 100 unicum visitors per day.

Perhaps PHP core algorithm have no bad optimization engine and I have to code collecting statistics in dedicated tables for every month or week. It's a perfect guarantee of memory overload protection.

So. In next updates will be released more flexible collecting of statistics and flush interface for cleaning stats.

Next additions I have to release is a JOIN and UNION SQL query combining algorythm for DBX engine with partitions based file cache in JSON statics. It's extends framework(yes, RevolveR CMS goes to be a framework) scalability and usability of array based querys language.

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