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RevolveR CMF multi language update testing

Hello, friends. I have a great news about next release of RevolveR CMF version 1.6.

Many works are done and we have to do live testing next generation of RevolveR CMF with multi language support. Whats new also you can read below.

To many critics about Object Oriented Programming in RevolveR CMF are not complete

Ok, guys. We not use extends because we develop only core at this first steps thats is not intended to be extended. Not any class of core used libraries should not be extended by third party extensions. All needed methods of core classes for third party extensions not included in core have public static properties. Inner methods executable inside classes by primary classes methods of RevolveR CMF always have protected properties. Not needed to get access for them because it's only for this class inner execution. About how to programming for RevolveR CMF will be created documentation in feature.

RevolveR CMF
RevolveR CMF

However, I also add protected and private properties for OOP. Why it's primary critic I don't know. Also I don't like Objects in PHP because it's not conveniently and uses more memory, CPU time and to many code lines for it.

Multi language

For this time when you read an article released no much more.

I have no skills in translation all languages in the World and for now Interface of RevolveR CMF have only English version. In future We can add Russian translation also. Also we have to create translate engine for templates and extensions developers thats should generate translation variables. Need translators.

Released url concatenation with two symbols country language code of Nodes for better SEO. Released batch creation of Nodes for many languages at once when you create node for default language. Users can choose what nodes they want to display on main page(default for English). Sidebars also displays only nodes for chosen language. In SPAx view and view with sidebars showed comments for all languages.

Added semantic layout for links, html and article tags with language codes.

Categories route for now displays all nodes by country segments.

Wanted database of Country Codes with Region Codes

I can't find complete database with hreflang and lang country codes. Now released only codes looking like [en, gb, us, fr, etc] but we need codes with region alignment looks like [en-US, en-Gb, fr-CA]. If you know anything about it please leave a comment.

What in progress for next release

Some optimizations, some customization language, additions for categories and interface translations.

You can touch all of we release for now on this site and leave a comment about what you want to add before we have to make final production release.

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