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Curent development status of RevolveR CMS

Become a time when we prepeare new futures of RevolveR CMS v.1.5 update. It's big update includes most of important fixes and additions. Whats new in next release comming soon?

Deleted twilio because basic libraries have no compability with lightweight RevolveR CMS and need basic payments to do sms sending allowed.

Optimized nodes and routes engines.

Added time description for Nodes, Comments, Conversations and Topics.

Core template now switched to 1440px grid system.

Rearenged colors for HTML elements.

DBX engine lost search query API because it's affected SQL injections and wont work after integration of SQL injections filters. Sorry. Also DBX improved in security reasons with variables library.

Some time we have to test new feutures and prepare SPAx additions. After should be commit with release when you can get update.

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