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RevolveR CMS v.1.1.3 :: some improvements and plan

Today I was update RevolveR CMS to version 1.1.3 thats include small bug fixes and some code improvements. Now added support of similar links for contents looks like next and previous navigation bar.

For now I have achieved everything that I planned to implement initially for starting stable RevolveR CMS versions but it's not all of I need to do.

Now we have to look at very simple implementation of system architecture that intended to fast integration of new features. Now it very helpful to create new futures without any system redesign but in future it should be more strict and flexible.

Also, I will develop an API thats should have new Classes for data pre-election like Node::get($id) or UserAdd($name, $role, $email, $password).

Now we have not any template engine and I do not plan to add it in the future to prior flexible native API renders like NodesRender($param) or CommentGet($nodeId) because it gives more powerful development culture and has fewer restrictions.

So, a lot of tasks should be done and I have no any contributors... Hope some of cool and initiative coders have to join the project and we'll do everything in the best possible way faster.

RevolveR CMS v.1.1.3

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