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RevolveR CMS v.1.1.4 :: sms notifications added

So. Next few updates we have to look at real integration of two factor authorization functionality in RevolveR CMS. For now Twilio gives me 15$ for testing service.

Not on the fact that many services providing SMS notifications require a lot of money(for example in Russia providers takes around 5 rub for SMS) I have contrived to find good SMS service for message notifications, new comments notifications and two factor authorization in future named Twilio.

With few hours of coding Twilio's backend and addition site settings was integrated into RevolveR CMS. For now it's first beta release of SMS notifications for some user actions like recovery password. I did not use Twilio SDK and write my own interpretation of send SMS API on native php curl(it's look like 5Kb my native backend vs 5.4Mb of composer's shit libraries).

RevolveR CMS v.1.4.4

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