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RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5 release

As I promised, a little earlier than planned, I was release RevolveR CMS version 1.2.5 with Turbo Cache based on static files and new way optimized queries by DBX engine.

It's a big changes because now cached by default and under cache updated state by default CMS eats only 2 queries when visitors just watch contents(one query for check cache hash and one for writing statistics). Only two queries and we have 100% working site ability.

Next changes thats released is an INJECT queries for DBX engine. Before RevolveR CMS needs to execute for every field update new UPDATE query, for now all fields UPDATE goes once by query.

Now I can say about it's a time when I should to release forum functionality. Many ideas are collected and it's time to create new system module.

Download RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5.

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