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RevolveR CMS v.1.2.5 coming soon

Good news! In next week I've release a new RevolveR CMS version with big changes in performance plan. For now released and under testing a file cache system thats improves system performance in several times.

RevolveR Turbo Cache
RevolveR Turbo Cache

Revolve Cache system based on MD5 hashing of MySQL tables contains site data. Every change runs rehashing mechanism and automatic dump of fresh datas to files for every table. If hashes equals engine nothin to do and just use cache files to render a site. Cache files to be updated automatically at every UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE queries. Simple.

Next change is an INSERT and UPDATE queries merge mechanism. Yes, it's real to use only inject query for update and insert queries. It's based on 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' feature and does a simplify all that we want do with database.

v.1.2.5 under testing for now. Release in plans in 20th July.

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