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RevolveR CMS v.1.3.2 release

I proveide some critical fixes for RevolveR CMS in update numbered 1.3.2.

  • SEO Titles for forum fixed
  • SEO description for forum module fixed
  • Also fixed seo link canonical for forum pages
  • Impruved date showing for conversations
  • Fixed pathways maskng for anti hacking and spamming routes.
  • Improved security
  • Not all test passed on 100% because I have no time for it.

E-commerce shop module development planed on winter of 2019. Next I will have more time to process theming development.

Good news! Whiothout external links we have to get 10 of X index by Yandex Search engine thats talking about quality of RevolveR CMS.

Also I was open some forum boards where you can talk about RevolveR CMS additions you want and issues thats you find.

RR_CMS v.1.3.2 download

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