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RevolveR CMS v.1.3.4 update delta

Tomorrow I need to go to the hospital for a week and I decided to maximally secure websites using RevolveR CMS from spammers.

In update 1.3.4 delta released captcha client side crypting algorithm thats prevent most of spamm techniques. Tested many front-end AES libraries but not one of them are compatible with server side PHP decoding. I write self functionality.

RevolveR CMS Captcha crypted
RevolveR CMS Captcha crypted

Also added sitemap.xml generation of nodes routes and forum topics.

Some changes in this RevolveR CMS update coresponds to web interface changes: now main area of base tempalate are 980px layout to do possible click on forum link when used non mobile view mode.

Be carefull to change your robots.txt with site host and sitemap location.

Code avalible on github:

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