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Few days ago a was finish to develop my own CMS named RevolveR intended to publish some notes in web and categorize it's.

When I feel about all works fine become a time to setup it to the hosting and start using it. For now not all to be ideal but I need real using experience to do RevolveR better and scalable.

First time installation tests I have big problems with configuration of Linux servers. Because I was develop very secure CMS and ugly hostings block some needed futures like blocking solutions setcookie() inside files connected with require_once instruction. This problem detected under Ubuntu server in header PHP module.

So. In few hours I find good hosting company for my site thats can ensure all system requirements of RevolveR CMS.

So. What you can find here in future?

First can I say about it ‐ I need this site to training my English because my primary language is Russian and I want to share my experience with peoples for more than one country.

Second ‐ I need a platform for sharing some developer tips and future development releases.

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